Construction & Real Estate



BEKA Real Estate supervises and steers all areas within the development of your project.

We create and follow feasibility studies, business plans and financing concepts and keep track of them for you. Our team of national and international professionals has extensive collaborative experience, which allows us to always offer you tailored solutions for the entire value-added chain.

We bring together property, capital, the project idea and the user.

We transform potentials to reality thanks to many years of expertise covering all areas of procurement of suitable property, valid market evaluations, efficiency analyses, project development and implementation.



BEKA Real Estate takes care of the general project management on behalf of the client, thus ensuring the targeted execution of building and real estate projects of all kinds.

We lead planning and execution teams and manage interdisciplinary national and international teams.

We ensure the efficient, goal-oriented implementation of construction and real estate projects of all kinds for building owners and investors.

Our projects are carried out according to a tightly organised, structured and process-oriented construction management.



BEKA Real Estate offers its clients comprehensive services in the area of financing of real estate projects.

Our teams support you in carrying out real estate and portfolio transactions and in structuring financing solutions.

Whether we act as investor, co-investor or advisor, our priority is to always have an alignment of interest with our clients.



BEKA Real Estate manages all marketing aspects of its own projects and of third-party mandates.

We offer customised solutions, from market analyses to positioning, from target-specific marketing plans and concepts to sales or rentals.

Our team will assist you along the way with all relevant questions and provide advice and support.